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Please register on this page at least 12 hours 'before' you arrive, as we're unable to join you at the door.

Amigos is a private members club and your membership number will be asked for on entry.
For the safety of our guests and for insurance purposes we will be unable to let anyone in that isn't a member, or accompanied by someone with an active membership.

There are 3 ways you can become a member:

You can join if you have multiple visible verifications on a swingers website.
To join the verification method please click HERE

You can come along as a guest with an active member and we'll get you sorted. Active members can bring either 1 single person or a couple as their guests and will be responsible for any guests they bring in.

Come on the next verification day...
(please see events page for next verification day and information)

If you have forgotten your membership number then don't worry, you can just tell us your name or email when you arrive.

Club Amigos Privacy Policy
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