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* Health & Saftey *

Firstly we would like to say, we care about your health and will always do as much as possible to protect it while you use our facilities.

A NHS sexual health nurse is available at Club Amigos for free confidential STD tests each month between 4:00pm and 6:30pm,
(Next clinic Thursday 21st July) no sauna visit is required for this.
These checks will be carried out by a NHS registered sexual health nurse and is totally confidential, Us at the club will never know your name or your results, that is kept between you and the NHS.

No sauna visit or membership will be required for this.

Run by Leicester Sexual Health and Trade
leicestersexualhealth and tradesexualhealth

We provide condoms and lube free of charge that the NHS gives us and they are conveniently placed throughout the club.
We also provide antibacterial spray in each room and antibacterial hand wash in the bathroom.

All play area surfaces are cleaned with council approved Distel High level Medical surface disinfectant before we open our doors.
All flip flops are soaked in disinfectant and antibacterial wash after each use.
Our Hot Tub is checked 3 times daily for chlorine, PH and alkaline levels plus water changed 5 times per week (Yes really, 5 times).
All our towels are boil washed ensuring they are very clean and very white!

About Distel
(taken from
Distel High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant is intended for the disinfection of hard surfaces of non-critical, non-lumened medical devices, such as:
X-ray equipment
IV Poles
Beds & Mattresses
Patient Trolleys
Ultrasound equipment
It is safe to use on most materials found in clinical practice including metal, plastics, rubber and stainless steel.
Distel High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant has been tested is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and mycobacteria. It is effective in the presence of blood borne diseases (HIV/Hepatitis B) and also destroys DNA and RNA.

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