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About the venue:
Club Amigos is a nice clean fresh smelling club with an intimate and welcoming feeling,
Parking is very close and within about a 1 minute walk so real easy access.

Club Amigos consists of:
Lots of lockers,
Hot and cold showers,
3 lockable private playrooms,
large lockable big playroom,
A naughty cinema with an 68 inch screen showing adult content,
A gangbang room,
A fetish/bondage room,
A Glory hole and love swing room,
A Female glory hole,
A lovely, clean hot tub,
A steam room,
A grope box,
A social area/cafe,
A second new social area,
An outdoor smoking area,
A cafe where you can order food up until 12 midnight, we also sell an assortment of different coffee's.

The venue isn't licensed to sell alcohol so you can bring your own, but please buy mixers/pop from the cafe.

All types of credit/debit cards accepted
Free wifi

All play area surfaces are cleaned with council approved Distel High level Medical surface disinfectant before we open our doors.
All flip flops are soaked in disinfectant and antibacterial wash after each use.
Our Hot Tub is checked 3 times daily for chlorine, PH and alkaline levels plus changed 5 times weekly.
All our towels are boil washed ensuring they are very clean and very white!

Club Amigos Privacy Policy
Club Amigos, 30 Bedford Street South, Leicester, LE1 3JR
Please email us at [email protected] for any enquiries.

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