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What should I wear?
Smart, casual or as sexy as you dare.
You're also welcome to wear just a towel or be completely nude!
For hygiene reasons if nude please use a towel when sitting.
Where can we change clothes we arrive in?
You may change in the locker area or if a little shy pop into one of the playrooms and lock the door.

Will we be expected to participate?
No! You do as little or as much you are comfortable with, if someone wants more that you're comfortable with then a simple no thanks is enough.
Are cameras or mobile phones ok?
We forbid the use of photography equipment within play area's of our club, this means please keep phones, cameras or anything else that can capture video or still images in your locker, behind the counter or social area (cafe).
Do we need to bring condoms?
Nope, all condoms and lube are totally free in each room, should you need a bigger size we also have them too!
How busy will it be?
Impossible to answer as that can change from 1 hour to the next, it's a chance you have to take.
Always nice to bring someone with you when you can so there is someone familiar to talk to.
Can I smoke/vape?
We have a small outside area for smoking and vaping.
Do I need to bring my own towel?
Nope, we provide those, all our towels are washed in house using antibacterial chemicals.
What type of people come?
People from all walks of life and different ages and will greatly vary each day.
What if someone says no?
If someone says no, then it immediately means no, leave the person alone and don't try to follow them around the club.

Be polite and none judgmental
Treat people respectfully and remember we all have different kinks so don't be judgmental, if you see something you don't like then just walk away.

Can I play in the cafe area?
For hygiene reasons sexual activity isn't allowed in the cafe area.

Can I touch?
Never touch anyone without asking first!.

Drugs and violence:
We operate a strict no drugs or violence policy, anyone found using drugs of any type or getting violent with staff or other members will be asked to leave and banned for life.

We don't have an alcohol licence and don't wish to get one as we are happy with people bringing there own as it works out cheaper for our customers. PLEASE BE AWARE, we all like a drink now and then and we are happy for you to have one and be merry but if you get drunk you will be asked to leave, we have to think of the safety of all our customers and having someone in a drunken state is a hazard to themselves, others and the business.

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